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Published by Diane Hamilton

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I acquired a deep appreciation for the beauty of evergreen forests and clear mountain lakes. I never quite feel like I am home without being surrounded by their natural beauty. In my college days, I earned a B.A. in Applied Psychology, an M.A. in Christian Education and a post-bac. degree in Elementary Education. To this day I am energized with helping children learn, especially when they are learning about God. I raised two incredible boys as a single mother. They are both now professional adults and my pride knows no bounds. I am now married to a wonderful, godly man who understands well my love of God and of education. He also spent many years teaching elementary students and now supports me whole-heartedly in my endeavors with Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. The two of us spend our time studying scripture, helping at church, traveling, playing tennis, hiking, gardening, bike riding and watching old movies. We make our home in Montana, surrounded by grand mountains, sparkling lakes and clear, rushing rivers.

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